Oleksandr Usyk. ©

The fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury is the most anticipated in over two decades. Since Lennox Lewis unified the four belts in 1999 after the rematch with Evander Holyfield, there has never been a unanimous and global heavyweight champion

The fight between these two fighters is something that boxing enthusiasts have been waiting for, and everything seemed to indicate that it could have taken place in 2023 in Saudi Arabia. However, due to a lack of funding and despite a preliminary agreement between the two, the lack of consensus on the purse prevented it from happening. Now, the most realistic possibility is that the fight will take place in 2024. All parties are focused on this idea, and in the meantime, the two boxers exchange messages and 'compliments.' Recently, Oleksandr Usyk, ironically stated that he 'loves' Fury at a public appearance in the WBC Convention in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 

The Gypsy King, who is determined to fight tooth and nail to retain his firm grip on the Green and Gold Belt, hopes to face the Ukrainian and win. At the Convention, a recorded message from Fury was played, who enthusiastically promised to destroy Oleksandr in less than four rounds. When asked what  Oleksandr thought about it, his face suddenly took on a hard edge as he tersely responded, 'It makes me smile! I'm ready to fight!'  

The fight date could not be confirmed. It is obvious that if the Ukrainian were to win the WBC Green and Gold Belt, he would become the champion of everything: 'I would be the Absolute Champion. Undisputed world champion in two categories. It would mean the world to me,' he concluded. The task now lies with the promoters and those responsible for making the fight of the century a reality. The television networks and the various companies involved do not hesitate to ensure that the fight will not go beyond 2024, that there is now the necessary budget for one of the most significant boxing events in history. Tyson Fury wants to regain his dominance, and Oleksandr Usyk is in an unbeatable position to challenge the Gypsy King for the title and the unification of the belts