Berlin 2036: Government Support for the Candidacy© Getty Images

The current mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner, firmly expressed his support for Berlin's candidacy to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2036 before 600 guests. He stated that the city is ready and that it will be an "exceptional opportunity" to present a new image of Germany to the world. This endorsement took place during the dialogue sessions at the DOSB Forum at the Futurium in Berlin.

Mayor Kai Wegner, in his opening speech, stated, "We support the idea firmly and find the plan for a national candidacy is brilliant." In addition, Berlin's Senator for Interior and Sports, Mrs. Iris Spranger, emphasized, "The people of Berlin are sports enthusiasts, and Berlin can host large-scale sports events."

Similarly, Thomas Härtel, President of the State Sports Federation of Berlin, added, "The State Sports Federation is clearly in favor of a candidacy." Klara Schedlich, spokesperson for sports policy for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Berlin, said, "If we apply, it means developing a sports development strategy that ensures the long-term benefit of the people of Berlin."

Sporting representation was also present at the table, with Olympic canoeing champion Ronald Rauhe strongly advocating the possibility of hosting the games in Germany: "The Olympic Games are more than competitions. It's about conveying Olympic values that inspire and shape entire generations." Paralympic swimmer Verena Schott emphasized that the games should be used primarily to reduce the gap between people with and without disabilities.

In the same vein, Gabi Freytag, Head of Interior and Sports in the Berlin Senate, highlighted, "Today, I realized that we need the driving force of a project like the candidacy for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Germany for social transformation."

Friedhard Teuffel, Director of the State Sports Federation of Berlin, added, "Berlin has presented us with a colorful image today. We had many families with children, young people, but also established sports officials and people with and without disabilities." Stephan Brause, in summary, concluded the day with these words: "We have taken a successful first step here in Berlin today. I experienced a dprofoundness in the discussions that excited me."

While there is still a long time until the final decision on who will host the Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games in 2036, Berliners are excited about the prospect of hosting their second games, exactly a century after the ones they organized in 1936