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While the designated location for the upcoming Olympic surfing competition in the capital city of Paris is Teahupo'o, Tahiti (French Polynesia), locals hold varying opinions on the suitability of its development.

With just over 250 days until the start of the XXXIII Summer Olympic Games, ecological and marine preservation reasons, amidst pressure from the locals, seem to cast doubt on the stance of the President of French Polynesia, Moetai Brotherson, who has changed his position by proposing an alternative location for the events. Brotherson, who initially supported the project at the original venue (Teahupo'o), stated in an interview with AFP that Taharuu would be a better location for the activity as it already has the appropriate infrastructure in place, eliminating the need for structural reforms, such as in the Control Tower.

The protection of the corals, characteristic of the paradisiacal eastern Oceania region, appears to be the reason behind the President's attempt to change the venue, which seems unlikely given the short time remaining until the start of Paris 2024.

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The organizing committee is working to minimize environmental impact, primarily in the construction of the aluminum tower that will replace the existing wooden one. The new tower, necessitated by regulatory reasons, will be built on the existing wooden foundations to prevent damage to the local ecosystem.

It is worth noting that the competitions are scheduled for July 27-29, with the unique feature that it will be the only Olympic event held without ticket sales to the public.