Australia has enjoyed success in the baseball and softball Olympic stage combining for five Olympic medals, including two in Athens 2004 and a softball bronze medal at Beijing 2008

Australia was one of the countries with the most celebrations when the IOC announced that both disciplines were included in the sports program of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. For everyone in general, but for the Oceania giant, it will be a historic Olympic return for baseball and softball in the birthplace of the sport.

The Australian country has enjoyed success in the Olympic stage of baseball and softball, combining five Olympic medals, including two in Athens 2004 and a bronze medal in softball in Beijing 2008. They have always been strong contenders for the podium in any international competition.

The addition of baseball and softball to LA28 has given each country a clear and ambitious goal. For Australia, for many reasons, it could also be a turning point.

Australian leaders expressed their joy for the reintroduction of baseball and softball to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

Glenn Williams, the Executive Director of Baseball Australia, a two-time Olympian and Olympic silver medalist in 2004, said he believes this could have significant implications for the sport in Australia. "We are obviously thrilled," said Williams. "We have been working under the assumption that baseball would be included, but there was still an element of uncertainty. It makes the planning for our next tournament cycle real and tangible. All hypothetical plans have disappeared; now they are concrete."

"This is fantastic news for our softball community," said Sarah Loh, the Executive Director of Softball Australia. "Being included in the Olympic program will provide an immeasurable boost to popular participation and the ongoing sustainability of our sport in Australia. This announcement will inspire a new generation of kids to pick up a bat, a ball, and a glove and start their own Olympic dream."

With the 2032 Summer Olympics awarded to Brisbane, Australia, the LA28 announcement not only gave the green and gold teams a tangible goal for the next Olympic cycle but also puts baseball and softball in discussions for their inclusion in the 2032 Olympics at home.

"It has taken a lot of hard work across the board to ensure the return of softball to the Olympic program," added Softball Australia President Richard Lindell. "Let's go for gold in Los Angeles and work together to see softball continue in the Olympic program for Brisbane 2032 and in the future, a move that will unite all of Australia behind our wonderful sport."

To imagine how baseball and softball could be in Brisbane 2032, we only need to recall what happened in Sydney 2000. Baseball and softball were a huge success during the second Olympics held in Australia, leaving lasting memories and a strong legacy in the community.