UEC President Enrico Della Casa (centre) signs the agreement with ECM Co-Founders and Managing Directors Marc Joerg (left) and Paul Bristow for cycling to be part of the multi-sport European Championships in 2026, 2030, and 2034.

Following the great success of the multisport European Championships in Glasgow 2018 and Munich 2022, the president of the UEC, Enrico Della Casa, has today signed a long-term agreement with the European Championships Management (ECM) in Pont-Château (France) regarding the presence of cycling in the sports program for the 2026, 2030, and 2034 editions. This agreement is the result of a collaboration between the UEC and ECM that dates back to 2013 when the European Championship project began to take shape.

Looking to the future, the intention of this collaboration is to include all Olympic disciplines (road, track, XCO mountain biking, BMX Racing, and BMX Freestyle Park) in the elite category in the sports program, while evaluating the opportunity to add juniors, precisely for promotional purposes, but above all to give considerable exposure to national federations and their athletes, guaranteed by the extensive media coverage of the event: the total TV audience for Munich 2022 was almost 1.2 billion.

Enrico Della Casa, president of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme, stated, "This renewal is a testament to the joint commitment of the UEC and ECM to carry out a project that may have seemed ambitious in 2013, but which we believed in from the beginning. The results are there, and the success in terms of audience and media exposure of the two editions organized so far has given a new impetus to our activity, opening opportunities, but above all bringing new realities to our world."

"I would like to thank ECM, especially Marc Jorg and Paul Bristow, who can be considered the 'parents' of the European Multisport Championships, and with whom we are committed to working closely to continue offering high-quality and successful events," Della Casa concluded.

The European Championship brings together the existing championships of the continent's major sports in a multisport event every four years to create an essential experience.

The date for the third edition of the European Championship in 2026 has been set for the period between July 30 and August 9. The selection process for host cities for future editions of the event is coordinated by ECM, the organization that founded this Championship and manages and coordinates the event in cooperation with participating federations, host cities, and broadcast partners.

In turn, the officials from European Championships Management, Paul Bristow and Marc Joerg, explained, "We feel honored and proud to have shared the journey of the European Multisport Championships so far with the Union Européenne de Cyclisme. We pay special tribute to President Della Casa for sharing our vision of what we are trying to achieve in promoting European sports. The diversity of European cycling championships has been an integral part of the success of the sports program in Glasgow in 2018 and Munich in 2022. ECM has been working hard to build a sustainable long-term business model for the European Championships with all participating sports, so we are delighted to confirm the partnership with the UEC for 2026, 2030, and 2034, which will add to our long-term agreements with other committed sports, giving us stability to finalize the host city selection process for 2026 and, in quick succession, 2030," they concluded."