IBA refuses to accept German Boxing Federation's unauthorized World Cup ©IBA

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has refused to accept the legality of the organization of the so-called World Boxing Cup, recently held in Cologne, Germany, as official rules and regulations for the event had not yet been established.

According to the IBA, the competition took place without the knowledge of the governing body, which is scheduled to hold its first meeting on November 25th in Frankfurt to establish the foundations and regulations. The IBA believes that in this World Cup, boxers competed without any established regulations.

insidethegames.biz has attempted to reach out to the German Boxing Federation to obtain their version of events, but has not received any response. The IBA views this situation as "a risk not only to governance but also a risk to health and safety," as explained by the international governing body in a statement, urging for unity and prioritization of the well-being and rights of athletes above all else.

Chris Roberts OBE, IBA Secretary General and CEO claimed: “In our unwavering commitment to uphold the highest standards of governance and integrity in boxing, the IBA is deeply concerned about the ‘World Boxing Cup’ event in Cologne organized by an unestablished boxing body. We believe in the importance of adhering to officially established technical and competition rules and ensuring that they are approved through due process. It is regrettable to witness the disregard for these principles, which ultimately jeopardizes the well-being of our boxers and coaches. We stand firmly against such practices and emphasize the importance of transparency,’ Chris Roberts OBE, IBA Secretary General and CEO claimed. 

He went on to say, ‘We strongly urge all our stakeholders to stay away from such events and prioritize the welfare and rights of our athletes above all else. It is essential that any boxing event, adheres to the established rules and regulations that ensure safety as a key priority. We are committed to protecting our sport and maintaining the integrity providing a platform where our boxers can showcase their skills and dedication without compromising their welfare and wellbeing.”

The link to the press release of IBA here.