IOC President Thomas Bach said "with the IBA there's no ongoing process" ©Getty Images

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach has ruled out any prospect of reinstating the International Boxing Association (IBA), but added World Boxing does not yet have "sufficient global representation".

The IBA in June became the first governing body ever to be expelled from the Olympic Movement, following years of protracted concerns with its finances, governance and the credibility of boxing competitions which came to a fore with huge judging scandals at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

It was initially suspended in 2019, leading to an IOC Task Force managing boxing at Tokyo 2020 and again at Paris 2024, but relations between the IOC and IBA, formerly AIBA, deteriorated under the latter's Russian President Umar Kremlev.

The latest row between the two organisations came at the delayed 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, where Kremlev claimed he had "received a number of complaints" about refereeing and judging.

Bach insisted the IOC is not open to any further discussion regarding the IBA's involvement in Olympic boxing events.

"With the IBA there’s no ongoing process, for us the case is closed," he said prior to the IOC Session in Mumbai here, as reported by the Indian Express.

"There will be no boxing with IBA in the Olympic programme.

"It’s done.

"Full stop.

"We gave them four years, they have not met conditions set by us.

"The way they’re expressing themselves now and they’re behaving gives no hope that there will be an improvement."

IOC President Thomas Bach admitted
IOC President Thomas Bach admitted "we cannot do this forever" regarding an IOC Task Force managing boxing at the Olympics ©Getty Images

Bach claimed financial transparency and governance at the IBA is "getting worse", and judging and refereeing is "not up to the standard that you would expect from an Olympic sport".

insidethegames has asked the IBA for a comment.

The IBA continues to claim it is the "home of boxing", and has regularly sought to blame former AIBA President and IOC Executive Board member CK Wu for its issues.

Despite the concerns and leaving it off the initial programme, the IOC has assured that boxing will remain at the Olympic Games at Los Angeles 2028.

Bach acknowledged an IOC Task Force managing boxing at the Olympics is not a long-term option for the sport, and work is ongoing to find an alternative.

"We cannot do this forever," he added.

"This is why I guess the result of these meetings here will be that boxing will remain hanging.

"We want to have it, but you have to find a way how and with whom."

World Boxing formed in April, led by officials including GB Boxing chief executive Matthew Holt, USA Boxing President Tyson Lee and former IBA Presidential candidate Boris van der Vorst of The Netherlands who were disgruntled at the direction of the IBA, and is seeking recognition from the IOC.

An inaugural Congress with elections is planned for November 24 and 25 in Frankfurt.

Fears of a mass exodus from the IBA are yet to be realised, with World Boxing currently having 16 Member Federations, although it is claimed there are more applications.

Despite issues with the sport's governance, boxing has been assured of its place on the programme for Los Angeles 2028 ©Getty Images
Despite issues with the sport's governance, boxing has been assured of its place on the programme for Los Angeles 2028 ©Getty Images

Bach warned World Boxing still has work to do if it is to secure recognition from the IOC.

"It’s too early," he commented.

"I don’t know if they even have 20 Member Federations with them.

"At the moment, they don’t have sufficient global representation.

"Once they’re making progress there, we’re ready to look into other issues like governance is in order, elections are happening democratically etc.

"At the moment it’s up to them to organise themselves."

The IOC Session in Mumbai is due to be held from Sunday until Tuesday (October 15 to October 17), following on from the Executive Board meeting starting tomorrow and running until Saturday (October 14).