Participants on the Refugee Athlete Scholarship programme are set to benefit from training and competition uniforms from Nike ©IOC

The Olympic Refuge Foundation (ORF) has announced a new collaboration with sportswear giant Nike in a bid to help displaced young people access sport in the build-up to next year’s Olympics in Paris.

The partnership is set to see Nike provide support to ORF’s flagship Terrains d’Avenir programme in the French capital which aims to ensure women and girls affected by displacement benefit from safe sport.

Nike is also expected to work with the ORF to increase the number of coaches to provide a safe and inclusive sport environment and donate training and competition uniforms for Refugee Athlete Scholarship programme and the Refugee Olympic Team participating at Paris 2024.

"At the Olympic Refuge Foundation we want to ensure that young, displaced people around the world have access to sport and its benefits," said Jojo Ferris, head of the ORF.

"At the Olympic Refuge Foundation we want to ensure that young, displaced people around the world have access to sport and its benefits.

"The refugee athletes we support demonstrate the resilience and courage of 110 million people who have been forced to flee their homes - they are role models inspiring millions around the world.

"Sport has the potential to improve mental health and rebuild a sense of belonging for all displaced people and their communities.

"In all this work, the Olympic Refuge Foundation greatly appreciates the collaboration with Nike."

The ORF underlined the Terrains d’Avenir’s ambition to provide 7,000 young people affected by displacement with access to sport by 2025.

The programme is co-financed by the French Ministry of Sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games,

A goal has also been set by the ORF to offer one million displaced young people access safe sport by the end of 2024.

"Nike is focused on expanding play and sport for girls," said Vanessa Garcia-Brito, chief social and community impact officer for Nike.

"Globally, girls face complex cultural and social barriers and, as a result, are moving the least.

"Girls enter sport later and drop out earlier - at twice the rate of boys.

"Our support of the Olympic Refuge Foundation aims to change that for displaced girls.

"With a shared belief that all kids should have access to play, we’re committed to removing barriers by providing displaced girls in Paris with strong, caring mentors and coaches who can empower them with a lifetime of confidence."