Costs are increasing for Milan Cortina 2026 ice hockey venues ©Getty Images

The Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committees face a potential crisis as skyrocketing costs are predicted for the ice hockey venues.

A lack in supply for raw materials, mainly due to the war in Ukraine, and rising labour expenses are causing another headache for organisers.

The construction of the PalaItalia and redevelopment of the PalaLido are in danger of surpassing their budgets as a result.

It is reported that the PalaItalia, which is under construction and set to serve as the main ice hockey venue at the Olympics, has gone from costing €180 million (£154 million/$196 million) to €270 million (£230 million/$294 million).

Excavation work prior to laying the venue's foundations were finally able to start last month after delays, with the targeted completion date now set for the end of 2025.

The arena is due to become the largest dedicated multi-purpose stadium in Milan with a maximum capacity of 16,000 seats.

Similar problems plague renovations to the PalaLido which is due to host sledge hockey matches at the Paralympic Games.

"Administrative setbacks" and the "uncertainties about the technical boundaries of the project" have led to expected costs doubling from €13 million (£11 million/$14 million) to €26 million (£22 million/$28 million).

The budget for the main ice hockey venue, the PalaItalia, has increased by around €90 million ©Getty Images
The budget for the main ice hockey venue, the PalaItalia, has increased by around €90 million ©Getty Images

Located in the Lanpugnano district, the PalaLido closed its doors to the public in 2010 but it is hoped that the Games can revive it.

The upgrades have also been subject to delays and, furthermore, discussions are still ongoing between Milanese authorities, the building owners, and the construction company in charge of the work about the plans.

The venue is required to have a secondary ice rink in addition to the main rink for athlete training. 

As a result, the capacity will be set at around 5,000 before being increased to 8,000 seats in a post-Olympic configuration.

Earlier this year, there were complications over where to hold speed skating events.

Uncertainty has surrounded the staging of the sport in Milan since plans to build a roof over the outdoor ice rink in Baselga di Pinè were rejected.

Eventually it was decided to hold the events at the Fiera Milano Exhibition Centre despite competition from Turin's Oval Lingotto, which hosted the sport the last time Italy hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 2006.