Timothy Fok, left, met with Gao Zhidan in Beijing ©SF&OC

The Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong (SF&OC) has made its first visit to mainland China for three years.

Timothy Fok, the SF&OC President, led a delegation to Beijing where he met with Chinese Olympic Committee counterpart Gao Zhidan.

Topics on the agenda included this year's Asian Games in Chinese city Hangzhou in August and September.

Hong Kong hosting more sporting events and its athletes travelling to China more often was also discussed.

"This is the first visit by SF&OC to the mainland over the past three years since the pandemic," said Fok. 

"This is also the first meeting in person between COC and SF&OC since Mr Gao assumed office, and the commencement of the new term of SF&OC officers. 

Hong Kong's Olympic officials had not visited China for three years ©Getty Images
Hong Kong's Olympic officials had not visited China for three years ©Getty Images

"This visit has been very fruitful.

"In addition to learning from the experience of the mainland, we have also explored the possibilities of facilitating Hong Kong athletes to participate more widely in training in the mainland, fostering sport exchange between youngsters in the mainland and Hong Kong, with a hope to create more opportunities for Hong Kong athletes and youth development. 

"We also discussed the possibilities of Hong Kong hosting more international sports events. 

"These suggestions would be actively considered and supported."  

Hong Kong, a former British territory, is now a special administrative region of China after being handed back to the country in 1997.

In recent years the city has witnessed huge protests with Beijing accused of a severe crackdown on democratic rights.