The Beninese Federation of Teqball has put together a strategic plan to improve the sport in the country ©FeBeTeq

The Beninese Federation of Teqball (FeBeTeq) is looking to push ahead with its strategic plan to boost the development of the sport in the West African nation.

The FeBeTeq held a teqball leadership training session at the General Mathieu Kerekou Friendship Stadium in Cotonou, according to Matin Libre.

Fernando Hessou, secretary general of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Benin, led the meeting where participants learned about training methods and techniques.

Hessou said it was key to keep athletes at the start of their teqball careers "away from the tables", stressing the importance of working on their handling of the ball with the feet, knees, chest and head.

FéBéTeq President Vincent Francis Kpohihoun said he was also keen to monitor the progress of teqball in Benin to ensure the nation continues to improve.

"We have associated coaches and referees because the referees officiate the games, the coaches train the players," added Francis Kpohihoun.

"They are the ones who often accompany them and give them advice."