FIFA has launched the Research Institutes ©Getty Images

FIFA has launched its Research Institutes, with an aim to continue improving its technology and innovation divisions through analysis from experts.

This will be delivered in three areas - of which one will guarantee a specific amount of technical and human resources made available to relevant research areas within the FIFA Football Technology & Innovation subdivision.

It also looks to benefit other sports by publishing findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Finally, it looks to provide "empirical evidence" to lead discussions within the FIFA Quality Programme's Technical Advisory Groups, which develop testing standards for each product created by the organisation.

The three institutes chosen are Labosport, Sports Labs and Victoria University.

Labosport have worked on the development of football turf with FIFA since 2001, and are now involved in goal-line technology, futsal surfaces and football goals.

Offside technology will be one of the areas where FIFA will look to improve ©Getty Images
Offside technology will be one of the areas where FIFA will look to improve ©Getty Images

Its main contribution to the Research Institutes is to accelerate projects to understand playing surfaces and improve them.

Sports Labs have worked with FIFA since 2005 on testing surfaces and sporting equipment and has since become a core contributor to the research and standards team.

Their collaboration in research will focus on new test methods for technology such as offside and new measurement techniques for the quality of footballs.

Victoria University has worked with FIFA since 2016 to establish the feasibility and accuracy of Electronic Performance Tracking Systems.

Now, 40 different tracking systems have been assessed by FIFA since then.

Tracking has now been expanded to broadcast partners, as has skeletal tracking, due to the work of Victoria University.

Their main focus during this is to work with FIFA to understand how to improve the game.

To become a FIFA Research Institute, an organisation must have at least five years of collaboration within the Football Technology & Innovation subdivision, must allocate a set amount of research resources to agreed FIFA research projects, must have a minimum of five scientific publications with dedicated resources to publish, and to demonstrate interdisciplinary research skills.

The next application period is scheduled from May to August 2024 and is open every two years.