WFDF Athletes' Commission is to be made up of 11 members ©WFDF

World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has elected six members to its Athletes' Commission following the end of the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships in Cincinnati.

Six athletes from eight were selected for two and four-year terms, with an additional five being appointed by the WFDF Board to ensure diversity, gender balance and continental representation.

A total of 3,100 athletes attending the World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) were eligible to vote.

The chair of the Athletes' Commission will also sit on the WFDF Board.

France's Gael Ancelin and Aline Mondiot, Germany's Caroline Tisson and Paul Jarmo Walczak, Colombia's Laura Ospina and Kaede Yoshida of Japan have all been elected.

Ancelin, Ospina and Walczak will serve for two years, while Mondiot, Tisson and Yoshida are to serve for four.

WFDF's Athletes' Commission represents athletes, with its chair sitting on the Board ©WFDF
WFDF's Athletes' Commission represents athletes, with its chair sitting on the Board ©WFDF

"The election system will align the Commission with the principle that three standing members of the Athletes’ Commission are elected at the World Ultimate and Guts Championship (WUGC) and three of them at WUCC, the former our national team championship and the latter our club team event," said WFDF President Robert Rauch.

"After the cancellation of our 2020 WUGC due to the pandemic we decided to extend the previous terms and to elect all six representatives in one round in 2022, while in 2024 we will return tour usual scheme electing three athletes at WUGC with staggered terms.

"We thank all athletes who candidate and congratulate the six elected athletes, who will now choose their chairperson as representative of the athletes in WFDF on the Board of Directors with full voting rights. 

"The Athletes' Commission is also represented by their members in each other WFDF Commission making sure that athletes' views are considered properly in the WFDF governance and decision-making processes.

"We also thank outgoing Athletes' Commission chair Liam Grant and all of the members leaving their post now and wish them all the best in their future career."