World Obstacle claims the timing for a "brand evolution felt more important than ever" ©World Obstacle

World Obstacle has unveiled its new brand image that aims to match the "energy, power and trusted name" of the International Federation.

The worldwide governing body that oversees disciplines including ninja, obstacle course racing and adventure racing, teamed up with branding agency Turquoise Branding to create the logo.

It claimed that the timing for a "brand evolution felt more important than ever" due to the "extreme challenges" faced by the sports community over the past few years.

The new logo is said to represent World Obstacle's "ideals of collaboration, unity, representation, universality, dynamism, pluralism, inclusivity, strength and determination to elevate all people and make a positive difference to the world through sport".

"The team at World Obstacle has worked hard over the past seven years to earn its international reputation as an innovative driving force unifying obstacle sport." said World Obstacle President Ian Adamson.

"Our new logo represents the unifying brand behind events working to represent the racer’s interests and well-being and stands side-by-side with our international sport federation peers in the global arena.

"We’re excited to launch World Obstacle’s new image matching the energy, power, and trusted name."

Last year, World Obstacle was granted observer status by the Global Association of International Sports Federations.

World Obstacle was founded in 2014 and formalised in 2018, when it laid out a governance structure.