A puppet of a Syrian refugee has been paraded in Birmingham ©Birmingham 2022

A puppet of a Syrian refugee was welcomed by hundreds of people as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

Known as Little Amal, the puppet, 3.5 metres high, was paraded through the Erdington area of Birmingham.

It was one of the cultural events which will take place as part of the Festival programme surrounding next year's Commonwealth Games in the English city.

Little Amal, which requires three puppeteers, embarked on an 8,000-kilometre journey in all, known as "The Walk".

It began in Turkey and ended in Manchester last week, after journeying through Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and France.

He was introduced to Erdington through "kaleidoscopic moments of visual art, music and children's games".

The Walk is said to represent the journeys many refugees have to make after being displaced from their home countries.

"It is a real pleasure for Little Amal's visit to Erdington to mark one of the first live events supported by the Birmingham 2022 Festival," said Louisa Davies, the senior producer for the Festival.

"The team at Active Arts have worked hard to bring an international event to the city with a focus and priority for local communities. 

"This kind of event is indicative of the wide programme of cultural happenings that will animate the West Midlands from March to September next year as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival."