All AFL and AFLW players and football department staff will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to train and play ©Getty Images

All players and football department staff who are part of the Australian Football League (AFL) and AFL Women's (AFLW) will need to be fully vaccinated to train and play as part of the AFL's COVID-19 policy.

After consultation with Governments and the AFL Players Association (AFLPA), the AFL released a three-stage schedule as part of its "responsibility to address the risk of exposure to COVID-19 of our players and football programme staff".

The first stage requires players and football programme staff of Victoria's clubs to be double vaccinated by November 26, with the first dose being received by tomorrow.

The second stage - specific to Sydney Swans, Greater Western Sydney Giants and all AFLW players and staff - requires a first inoculation by November 19 and the second by December 17.

Stage three incorporates all players and football staff at Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland clubs and states that doses one and two must be completed by January 21 and February 18, respectively, in advance of practice matches towards the end of the 2022 pre-season.

Individuals who fail to comply with the protocols will be banned from attending club and AFL facilities to train and play.

Clubs will be able to determine the disciplinary action it takes against players who do not have an approved medical exemption and do not get vaccinated.

They will be able to transfer the player to the inactive player list - meaning the player can be replaced - and pay them 25 per cent of their contracted salary, if in the AFLW or the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) minimum base salary for AFL players.

The second option for teams is to keep the player on their playing list and pay them no less than 25 per cent of their contracted salary for AFLW players, or a quarter of the CBA minimum base salary.

With the agreement of the player, clubs will also be able to terminate their contract.

From May 18 in 2022, clubs will also be able to exercise any rights they may have at law to terminate the player's contract.