The IBU's Biathlon Climate Challenge will result in 100,000 trees being planted at a mangrove reforestation project in Madagascar, after the governing body reached its target ©Getty Images

A total of 100,000 trees will be planted in Madagascar after the International Biathlon Union's (IBU) Biathlon Climate Challenge achieved its target.

The IBU said the Eden Reforestation Projects non-profit will plant the trees in its mangrove reforestation project in Madagascar.

The challenge saw fans join 10 biathletes, who served as team leaders, to track their physical activity in a fitness app which converted distance they covered or calories they burned into trees.

Fans covered an accumulative distance of 618,595 kilometres and burned a total of 32,369,652 calories, the IBU said.

Franziska Preuß of Germany's team came top of the standings with 24,945 trees, ahead of the team led by Frenchman Émilien Jacquelin, who amassed 22,602.

The IBU has revealed the standings following the conclusion of the challenge ©IBU
The IBU has revealed the standings following the conclusion of the challenge ©IBU

"We have a clear winner of the Biathlon Climate Challenge: Mother Nature!" said IBU President Olle Dahlin.

"I would like to thank and congratulate all the fans all over the world who took part in the first ever Biathlon Climate Challenge. 

"Our biathletes have acted as great team leaders inspiring their fans and colleagues not only to make a meaningful contribution to supporting the restoration of the environment, but also to keep active, stay connected and have fun. 

"In the future, IBU will continue the work to enhance awareness and promote climate action among its stakeholders, in particular the global fans who truly rose to the challenge in the last three weeks."

The challenge is part of the IBU's 10-year sustainability strategy, launched last September.