Leon Reid is one of many athletes to back the "Don't Scroll By" campaign ©YouTube

The Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI) has launched a campaign with its athletes to stand against online hate speech called "Don't Scroll By".

This campaign is an initiative of the OFI's Athletes' Commission and has been launched with the support of job search website Indeed, an official partner of the Irish Olympic team.

It asks the public to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to online abuse, discrimination and hate speech and to delete, ban and report any online.

The OFI is asking all involved in Irish sport to take action by making a public stance against racism and discrimination.

This was launched with a new video in which Team Ireland uses the Olympic values of excellence and respect to highlight that people have to eliminate hate speech from social media channels.

As part of the new initiative, the OFI will also become an official member of the Irish Network Against Racism and will support their "Love Not Hate" campaign and their lobby to introduce hate crime legislation in Ireland.

"We are extremely proud to launch 'Don't Scroll By' today," said chair of the OFI's Athletes' Commission, Shane O'Connor.

"Irish Olympic athletes have already overcome many hurdles and challenges to reach the top of their sport.

"As role models, they are in the public eye, and their performances are under scrutiny.

"However, they should never be targeted based on their identity or cultural background.

"Team Ireland athletes want to make a very strong statement that there is no place for online abuse, discriminatory comments or hate speech on social media channels.

"We know that the majority of Ireland does not agree with the small minority, and we are calling on that majority to stand up and play a role in tackling online hate."

Sprinter Leon Reid is one of many black Irish athletes and added his experience on social media and his support for the campaign.

"I use social media a lot but there is a very dark side to it," said Reid.

"Social media gives everyone a platform to be whoever they want to be, but you can make a fake account in 30 seconds and can make all these negative comments and hide behind a screen.

"We all hope that everyone will get behind us to support us for this campaign and help us to take action and control."