Salt Lake City could bid for the 2030 or 2034 Winter Olympics ©Getty Images

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) has stated that a potential 2030 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics bid could be complex due to the small timeframe between the Winter Games and the confirmed Los Angeles 2028 Olympics.

Speaking to insidethegames today on a conference call, USOPC chief executive Sarah Hirshland mentioned that although a set date for a bid has not been confirmed yet, a 2030 bid would have to be carefully considered over one in 2034.

"There's a good bit of analysis that needs to be done about the structure and processes for any potential Organising Committee but importantly thinking about the timing of this in particular for a potential 2030 or 2034 and beyond bid, because we're the hosts of the LA 2028 Games and it adds a layer of complexity to those discussions," said Hirshland.

"The work we've been doing in collaboration with the leadership of the Salt Lake bid group and with our conversations we've had with the 2028 Organising Committee is to ensure that we've really thought through those complexities and understand what would be required of all of us to collaboratively make sure that we could make a successful bid and successful Games in a tight timeframe.

"Those are quite unique scenarios and we're trying to make sure we're nimble and flexible so that we know what is required in any of those eventualities. We have not landed on a date, but we want to be as well prepared as we can for any of the options."

The winning host city is set to be announced at the 140th IOC Session in Mumbai in India in 2023.

On another topic, USOPC chair Susanne Lyons mentioned the good relationship that the governing body had with the President-elect of the US, Joe Biden, who is due to take office in January, stating the USOPC felt "very comfortable" that a good relationship would continue in the future.

Further investigation will be done into vaccinations by the body too, having stated there is "no firm policy" currently, but promised that those who desire the vaccine who are set to compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics will be able to access one.

Lyons mentioned that an update would be expected in six weeks time.

USOPC has also confirmed there will be six new directors added to its Board come January 2021, which looks to add a greater voice for athletes.

Daria Schneider, a five-time fencing national team member and two-time world medallist, will sit as an Athletes' Advisory Council representative.

Schneider also serves as head coach for Harvard University's men's and women's fencing programmes.

Two-time Olympic swimming champion and women's rights activist Donna de Varona and four-time Olympic swimming champion and Olympic and Paralympic sport advocate John Naber will serve as athlete at-large representatives.

US Biathlon Board member Dexter Paine joins as a representative of the National Governing Bodies Council, while seven-time Paralympic medallist Muffy Davis joined as an International Paralympic Committee representative. 

Gordon Crawford, a non-voting member, will represent the US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation on the Board.