FITEQ has transferred its official seat from Lausanne to Budapest ©FITEQ

The International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) General Assembly approved the transfer of the governing body's official seat from Lausanne in Switzerland to Hungarian capital Budapest.

In total, 79 of out the 89 registered national bodies attended the virtual FITEQ General Assembly. 

The transfer of the official seat was approved alongside the inclusion of Hungarian as an official language of FITEQ.

English and French were already official languages. 

The FITEQ head office is currently based in Lausanne, the location of the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and numerous other International Federations. 

Teqball was invented in Hungary, however, and the governing body's Presidential office is situated in its capital. 

"This is very important that the sport of teqball, born in Hungary, can move back," said FITEQ chairman Viktor Huszár.

"There are a lot of benefits in Hungary that we can enjoy."

The General Assembly also approved an update to the FITEQ Statutes to ensure they are aligned with Hungarian law. 

In addition, the adoption of sport-related policies regarding the transfer of athletes, minimum age requirements, prize money, safeguarding, ethics, anti-corruption and anti-doping were approved. 

Reports were heard from FITEQ general secretary Marius Vizer Jr, head of diplomatic relations and corporate social responsibility Gergely Murányi, and digital engagement and marketing head Artur Papizsanszkij. 

The general secretary urged member federations to become more active and utilise the resources offered by the FITEQ. 

FITEQ general secretary Marius Vizer Jr urged national federations to become more active during the General Assembly ©Twitter
FITEQ general secretary Marius Vizer Jr urged national federations to become more active during the General Assembly ©Twitter

"This is my key message to you," he said.

"We have all worked so hard over the last few years, and because of this, we are able to position ourselves at the start of our Olympic journey. 

"But now, with our energy still high, I would ask you all to work even more closely with us and to use our brand, our ambassadors, our network, and our social media with over three million followers, to help grow your federations even more. 

"Once we achieve this, through our continued innovation and collaboration, measured through more competitions and even more competitors, then we can start to visualise outcomes such as recognition by the International Olympic Committee. 

"Certainly not by chance, but rather by natural progression as a consequence of our vision and our mission." 

FITEQ President Gábor Borsányi also addressed the General Assembly, referencing the governing body's recent achievement of becoming a full member of the Global Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF) in his speech.

"This passion and this spirit drives us every day to do more, and it was through this spirit and hard work that we were able to become a full member of GAISF last month," Borsányi said. 

"This was obviously a very important milestone for FITEQ, because it shows us the popularity that teqball has amongst you all.

"But of course, at the same time, we also know that this is still just the beginning of an exciting journey together. 

"So thank you again, congratulations to everyone."