David Smith has called the NHS in Wales "incompetent" for losing his wheelchair ©Getty Images

Paralympic and world boccia champion David Smith has complained that the Welsh National Health Service lost his £7,500 ($9,800/€8,300) wheelchair while it was being repaired.

As reported by the BBC, the 31-year-old has accused the Artificial Limb and Appliance Posture and Mobility Centre in Pontypridd of "incompetence".

A two-time Paralympic champion, winning a team title at Beijing 2008 and an individual one at Rio 2016, the cerebral palsy athlete may now have to wait eight weeks for an assessment for a new wheelchair.

In response, the local health authority has apologised and has stated an investigation will be undertaken.

Smith has won four Paralympic medals and four world titles, including the individual BC1 crown at the World Championships in Liverpool in 2018. 

Smith is training for the postponed Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, now rescheduled for August 24 to September 5 2021, and having to use his competition wheelchair for everyday use.

"I'm currently using the wheelchair I compete in but that's not ideal as it's meant for sitting in for two hours - not all day, every day," he said.

"My other chair was specifically designed so it clips into my car so I can drive.

"It means I now can't drive and I've lost my independence.

"It's also not as comfortable when you're sat down, relaxing during an evening."

His Sunrise Jive chair was taken repair facility on September 21, and when Smith rang for an update two days later he claimed the response was cagey.

"Two hours later, I received a phone call from the manager saying they had no idea where my chair was and that they had not been able to work on it," Smith told the BBC.

Smith has reportedly lost his cushion before at the same location.

He had to wait a week before the Artificial Limb and Appliance Posture and Mobility Centre said that it would pay to replace the chair, but the process could take two months, which could impact Smith's Tokyo 2020 preparations.