Marius Vizer Jr admitted that teqball's priorities had changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic ©FITEQ

International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) general secretary Marius Vizer Jr has admitted that teqball's priorities have had to change due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Vizer, a founding member of FITEQ, said despite the difficulties posed by the coronavirus pandemic, he was looking forward to the sport being a medal event at the Asian Beach Games in Sanya later this year.

"The Asian Beach Games will be the biggest event in the history of FITEQ," Vizer said.

"We are using more and more programmes to highlight that teqball is a universal sport, and I think that Sanya 2020 will be another great platform to show this to the world.

"We will keep working hard to implement our national federation and club development programmes, which we launched to create awareness of the sport. 

"These are crucial as they contribute to the growth of the global teqball community. 

"Ultimately, we want to reach the required number of National Federations to obtain full Global Association of International Sports Federations membership, which is the next step from our current observer status.

"To reach our goals for 2020 and beyond we need to continue building the capacity of the club development programme and the national federation development programme. 

"It is important that we support the federations with financial instruments, educational programmes, the tools to host Challenger Cups and other self-supported competitions by FITEQ. 

"We will also maintain permanent contact with our National Federations and consistent communication with National Olympic Committees."

FITEQ now has 51 member countries since its founding in 2017, and Vizer said he has seen more evidence that the sport continues to grow globally.

"It has been an exciting three years getting to continuously meet new people who are excited about teqball and the chance to join the project," Vizer said.

"It has also been very useful to learn how to use the good quality of the sport and development of different programmes to shape people’s perception of the sport.

"I can say that in most of the places I have visited, the people I have met view teqball in a positive light and are becoming fans of the sport.

"In the past two years I have travelled to more than 40 countries and this has paid off in terms of participant numbers at the World Championships, and in terms of seeing the passion for teqball all over the world. 

"It is very important to distribute teq tables all over the world, to see people playing, to motivate them, and explain what teqball is about. 

"It is equally important to build awareness in markets where people have not yet heard of teqball.

"In the role of general secretary, it is exciting to be at heart of the key decisions within FITEQ and leading the ongoing projects that are helping grow the sport all over the world."

Vizer previously served as FITEQ's head of international relations, before being appointed as general secretary in December 2019 at FITEQ's General Assembly.

Vizer also shared a message for the teqball family as the world continues to be impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic, saying that keeping humanity safe was the main priority at the moment.

"My message is that I know that all the athletes coming from sports movements have high ambitions, but we have to understand that our aim is to keep humanity safe and fight against this fear instigated by the virus," said Vizer.

"This should be our ambition now, so that all of us can return to our usual habits, practice our sports and even discover new sports, such as teqball!"