Birmingham 2022 will work with several local creative and marketing firms ©Getty Images

Birmingham 2022 has announced the names of several local businesses it will work with ahead of and during the Commonwealth Games, saying it demonstrates a commitment to bringing economic benefits to the area.

Of the 10 marketing and creative businesses Birmingham 2022 is working with, it is said that eight have offices in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

"We are living in uniquely challenging times for business, so we’re pleased to be able to demonstrate our commitment to local companies by awarding these contracts," Birmingham 2022 chairman John Crabtree said.

"We remain focused on making sure that we use this once-in-a-lifetime event to bring benefits to Birmingham and the region."

Pitch Marketing Group, Grayling and Gung Ho will offer public-relations support.

DRPG, TBA Group ad Outdoor Places Unusual Spaces will work on Birmingham 2022 events.

McCann Central will offer design and creative services, Rainbow Productions will assist in the design and production of mascots, BMG Research will offer customer insights and Goodform will help manage customer relations.

Birmingham is currently in its seventh week of coronavirus lockdown ©Getty Images
Birmingham is currently in its seventh week of coronavirus lockdown ©Getty Images

"Adding these businesses to our marketing and creative services framework is just the start and our procurement drive continues at full speed," Crabtree added.

"Backing local business is just one of the ways the Games can help to benefit the local economy and local people. 

"Our cross-partner Legacy and Benefits Committee will approve and oversee the implementation of a full programme of activity over the next few months."

Birmingham 2022 says social value was taken into account in the tender process, which took six months and saw in excess of 130 applications submitted. 

Commitments made by the 10 companies include upskilling local people, creating apprenticeships, outreach programmes for schools and collaborating with nearby universities.

Ticket sales, community engagement and the Queen’s Baton Relay are among the areas the businesses will work on.

Birmingham 2022 estimates that it will sign contracts worth a combined £300 million ($373 million/€343 million) with regional suppliers by the time the Games end in August 2022.

That may prove especially welcome given the financial downturn the coronavirus pandemic is expected to bring.

One additional firm with offices in the city - MediaCom Birmingham - has been appointed "to undertake media planning services from the Crown Commercial Services Communication Services Framework".