By Duncan Mackay

Rio_2016_new_logoMay 2 - Brazilian design agency Tatil Design de Ideias, who designed the logo for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, have been chosen by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to develop the Paralympic Games emblem as well, it was announced today.

Alexis Schäfer, the IPC's Marketing and Broadcasting Senior Manager, said: "As the Paralympic Games are also closely linked to the Olympic Games it makes sense that the Rio 2016 Paralympic brand is born from the Rio de Janeiro Games essence as both brands will live together.

"The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games emblem will celebrate the uniqueness of the Paralympic brand and its values which are founded upon the ideals of its athletes.

"With Tatil we are confident that we have an agency already immersed in the values of the Games and who will respect the need for synergy to ensure a single visual identity for both events."

Carlos Nuzman, the President of Rio 2016, was pleased with the IPC's decision to pick Tatil, who were chosen to create the Olympic emblem through a five-month selection process that attracted 139 bidders.

He said: "The decision made by the International Paralympic Committee is yet another testimony to the excellence of the work done by Rio 2016, which has been widely approved by a range of stakeholders.

"I am absolutely sure that we will have an innovative and creative Paralympic logo, which will promote the image of our city, our country and the Paralympic Movement across the globe."

Tatil founding partner and creative director Fred Gelli promised his agency, which is more than 20 years old, is now even more prepared for the challenge.

He said: "Being chosen to develop the Paralympic Games brand was a great honour for Tatil.

"We will add our team's experience and high level of involvement with Rio 2016 values to an immersion into the Paralympic world, its values and essence.

"We want to create a brand that can inspire the audiences as much as Paralympic athletes do by their determination and strength to overcome adversity."

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