The Athletics Association, an independent body, has asked to discuss qualification with World Athletics ©Getty Images

An independent track and field body, the Athletics Association, has extended an invitation to World Athletics to discuss the current qualification system for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Representing athletes from around the world, they have called World Athletics to speak with them over the controversial freeze on the qualification window for the Games, with standards not counting towards Olympic qualification again until December 1 later this year.

Some of the biggest critics of the new system include Olympic silver medallist steeplechaser Evan Jager who called for the world rankings to be frozen, but the opportunity to gain a qualifying standard to remain open.

To be eligible for selection, athletes must have the qualification standard, before meeting the criteria of being ranked high enough in the world rankings.

In a statement the Athletics Association said, "Whilst the decision to suspend the Olympic qualifying period and the world rankings offers clarity for athletes, it is clear that a deeper conversation is needed across the myriad of issues within the qualification process.

"We therefore invite World Athletics to discuss the overall approach to qualification for the Olympics with the Athletics Association before final decisions are made."

They undertook a survey of 685 professional track and field athletes as well as other Olympic hopefuls from 82 countries.

Of those surveyed, 82 per cent of athletes have continued to train and 86 per cent would like to compete in the latter months of the track season if it is safe to do so.

A smaller majority of 60 per cent of athletes would like their results from competitions that take place before the December 1 deadline to count as an Olympic qualifier.

In contrast, 56 per cent said it would be unfair if they were unable to compete due to lockdown measures while other athletes from other nations could.

On Olympic qualification, 81 per cent of athletes thought that the world rankings system has to be reconsidered while 78 per cent of athletes are concerned about the validity of results this season during a period where athletes are being tested less due to doping restrictions.