Almas Moosa Ali Hassan Albalooshi won the bodybuilding 80kg at the IFBB Men's World Championships ©IFBB/EastPhotoLabs

Almas Moosa Ali Hassan Albalooshi earned bodybuilding 80 kilogram gold here to top off a successful International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding (IFBB) for the United Arab Emirates. 

Albalooshi was deemed the best in his category, finishing ahead of Kushtrim Bajraktarah of Kosovo and Robi Moirangthem of India. 

His victory contributed to a second place finish in the medal table for the hosts with three gold medals, three silver and six bronze. 

With Iran topping the podium in five of the bodybuilding categories, competitors from four other nationalities also won gold. 

Cho Wang-bung of South Korea triumphed in the 60kg, with Robin Bgd of Bangladesh coming second and Ayoob Alammar third. 

Sri Lanka then dominated in the 65kg category. 

The gold medal went to Amila Gedara, while his compatriot Rajakumaran Mathavan finished with silver. 

Daniel Poniedzialek of Poland won the bodybuilding 100kg competition ©IFBB/EastPhotoLabs
Daniel Poniedzialek of Poland won the bodybuilding 100kg competition ©IFBB/EastPhotoLabs

Park Kyeong-mo of South Korea completed the podium. 

Iran had to settle for silver in the 95kg after Vladimir Holota of Ukraine was announced as the winner and Mojtaba Arzeshmand as the runner-up. 

Vladimir Beliaev of Russia received bronze.

Daniel Poniedzialek of Poland was the victor in the 100kg competition, followed by David Ndokuro of Nigeria and Hamada Ahmed Mohamut of Egypt. 

The day's action concluded the World Championships, with Iran topping the medal table with 10 gold and four silver medals.