By Tom Degun

February 9 - A new wheelchair dance sport series called "Dancing on Wheels" is set to hit screens across Britain this week when it airs on BBC Three on February 11.

The show pairs six celebrities with six wheelchair users in a dance competition where the celebrities will learn about the art of wheelchair dancing.

The winning couple will join the Great Britain Team at the Wheelchair Dance Sport European Championships.

The first episode will have three couples learn the Cha Cha Cha while the other three take on the Tango.

With the first episode due to be repeated on February 12, February16 and February 17, this version of “Strictly Come Dancing” was one of the notable highlights that BBC Three recently announced.

Wheelchair dance sport involves athletes with a physical disability that affects the lower limbs. 

Wheelchair dancers may participate in “combi”-style dancing with an able-bodied (standing) partner or duo-dance for two wheelchair users together. 

Standard dances include the waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, slow foxtrot and quickstep. Latin-American dances include the samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba, paso doble and jive. 

There are also formation dances for four, six or eight couples dancing in formation.

Wheelchair dance sport is governed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and coordinated by the IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport Technical Committee which incorporates the rules of the International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF).
In 1998, wheelchair dance sport became an IPC Championship Sport but is not part of the Paralympic programme today.
The move reiterates the BBC’s commitment to disability sport after the broadcasters lost the rights to show coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games to Channel 4 earlier this year.
The London 2012 Paralympic Games will be the first Paralympic Games that have not been shown by the BBC since the Arnhem 1980 Paralympics.
A BBC spokesperson told insideworldparasport: "The BBC remains committed to covering Paralympic sport across all its platforms in the build-up to the London 2012 Paralympic Games."

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