ISSF President Vladimir Lisin has plenty of issues to address ©ISSF

The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) has called an Extraordinary General Assembly, taking place in the body's home town of Munich in early December. 

The meeting – believed to have been scheduled for December 7 – is expected to approve a new constitution.

However, the precise agenda will be determined by an Executive Committee meeting on October 4.

Questioned about its plans, an ISSF spokesman told insidethegames that the present constitution was still based on a version dating back to 1980.

"In order to address the various changes which have occurred in the world of sport, in particular regarding good governance, the ISSF has decided to propose a new reformed constitution to its members," the spokesman said.

"The ISSF has sent its proposed draft to member federations and is now in the phase of gathering and evaluating all the comments received."

The Extraordinary General Assembly is set to take place in Munich ©ISSF
The Extraordinary General Assembly is set to take place in Munich ©ISSF

It comes during a week when it has emerged that the defeated candidate in last year's knife-edge Presidential election, Italy's Luciano Rossi, has filed an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) seeking to have the result of the poll annulled.

The victor, Russia’s Vladimir Lisin, who received 148 votes to Rossi's 144, should just have completed his first year as ISSF President when the Extraordinary General Assembly takes place.

The ISSF has dismissed the filing as "completely meritless", while adding that it seems to be a "frivolous" action by the Italian, "driven by his political agenda with the aim to further disrupt the unity of ISSF members and to influence the decision-making process about reforms to the ISSF constitution".

It has expressed confidence that CAS "is going to put an end to this very soon".