October 16 - Logos representing the sports of the London 2012 Olympic Games have been unveiled.


The 38 pictograms, which come as a black and white silhouette or as a more dynamic outline, will be used on merchandise, signs and tickets, helping spectators find their way to their sport of choice when the Olympics begin in three years.


Sebastian Coe, the chairman of London 2012, said: "The pictograms will be a vital wayfinder for spectators at Games-time and will become recognizable come 2012.


"Over the next three years, each sport has a golden opportunity to tell its story and educate the British public about what is on offer at London 2012.

"I hope the pictograms will be the gateway to achieve this and we will work with all of the governing bodies to ensure that knowledge of all the Olympic sports increases between now and 2012.''


The two versions of pictograms for 2012 - one a silhouette and the other a more colorful rendition inspired by the London underground map - were made in consultation with each sports federation.


The Olympic pictograms were first used at the 1948 Games in London.


They have become a regular feature since the Tokyo Games in 1964.




Denis Oswald, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) member who is the chairman of the Coordination Commission, said: ''The pictograms of an Olympic Games are a unique link between the host city and the sports involved.

''The London 2012 pictograms are a strong and dynamic representation of the 2012 sports and are instantly recognisable as part of London's look.

''This is particularly true of the dynamic version, which draws its inspiration from the London underground map, forever linking these Games to this great city.


"The Olympic summer sports are delighted by these designs and I hope that they will not just help people to find their way to the events but will also encourage young people to try out different Olympic sports as we head towards 2012.''


The pictograms will be featured on limited edition adidas T-shirts on sale from October 24 to celebrate 1,000 days to go until the Olympic Games on October 31.

A full set of Paralympics pictograms will be launched later this year.