The International eSports Federation have held a summit in South Korea to discuss further expanding the industry  ©IeSF

The International eSports Federation (IeSF) has held a summit in Busan in South Korea to discuss how to further unite and develop the global esports community.

The Federation, which is based in South Korea, put together the Global esports Executive Summit (GEES) to bring together key stakeholders from across the world.

Four “core agendas” were up for discussion at the summit.

They were esports governance, gaming disorder, esports profit model and esports administration.

To spark a governance discussion, two presentations were given by the publisher Riot Games and the Chinese Taipei eSports Association, to portray both public and private sector opinions.

Four topics related to eSports were discussed at the summit in South Korea ©Getty Images
Four topics related to eSports were discussed at the summit in South Korea ©Getty Images

That was followed by a panel discussion featuring individuals from both the traditional sports and esports worlds, looking at “collaboration for esports ecosystem development”.

With this being the third year of a summit, a new esports Academic Seminar was also held, to promote further research to “enhance and support” the gaming industry.

It is thought the IeSF is attempting to establish itself as the recognised world governing body of esports.

To date 49 countries have joined the Federation, which was founded in 2008 by representatives from Denmark, South Korea, Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Vietnam and Taiwan.

A rival group, the Swiss-based World Esports Association, was formed in 2016 however.