The crystal-filled medals for the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade have been unveiled ©Krasnoyarsk 2019

The medals for the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade have been unveiled.

Each of the gold, silver and bronze medals features a Swarovski crystal which has been set into the centre.

They have been created by Russian aluminium company RUSAL, which used a new alloy seen in the aerospace and shipbuilding industries.

The alloy is said to be unique due to the addition of scandium, which is claimed to ensure that the medals are protected from damage.

Around a tonne of aluminium alloy is required for the medals, which each weigh around 250 grams.

The crystals are said to have been produced using "patented technology" to guarantee "enduring radiance and shine".

One medal takes about four days to make.

"The preparation for the Games in Krasnoyarsk has entered the final straight, and we are glad to have partners like RUSAL," said the event's director general Maxim Urazov.  

"Today we present the medals that athletes from around the globe will take home. 

One medal takes about four days to make ©Krasnoyarsk 2019
One medal takes about four days to make ©Krasnoyarsk 2019

"And I am proud that no Organising Committee has ever had such well-worked and beautiful medals before. 

"A special feature of their design is the combination of metal and Swarovski crystals, with each medal having a crystal set in the centre. 

"We expect to welcome athletes from more than 50 countries, and we want the Winter Universiade 2019 winners to take home a piece of Siberian heart, kindness and friendliness."

The Russian city will host the Winter Universiade between March 2 and 12 next year, with the 100 day countdown approaching.

"We are grateful for the trust you've placed in us," said RUSAL's Vera Kurochkina. 

"Of course, implementing such a project requires courage that one needs to win a competition. 

"For the first time in the history of the Universiades, the medals not only comprise the unique eco-friendly technologies of RUSAL but are also a rare piece of jewellery art. 

"And we truly want Krasnoyarsk aluminum to leave a positive and unforgettable mark on the souls and hearts of the medal winners along with the warm emotions given by Siberia and the beauty of Krasnoyarsk."