Afghanistan National Olympic Committee held events to mark Olympic Day ©OCA

Afghanistan National Olympic Committee (A-NOC) held a series of activities to mark Olympic Day with several athletes and coaches among those participating.

A-NOC President Hafizullah Wali Rahimi claimed sport could provide a boost to the country and contribute to bringing peace.

The country has been heavily impacted by war, while a two-year deadlock at A-NOC was only ended earlier this year when Rahimi was elected.

Businessman Fahim Hasimy was elected as President in 2014 but faced resistance from other sporting leaders in the country and never got the backing of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).

Hashimy then resigned in 2015 and was replaced by Zahir Aghbar, who did seemingly have the support of both the OCA and the International Olympic Committee.

Mahmod Hanif had also been claimed to be Acting President, though, and he had criticised the claim of Aghbar.

Rahimi’s election in Kabul during April, under the supervision of representatives from the OCA, appears to have brought stability to the organisation.

Two-time Olympic medallist Rohullah Nikpai took part in the Olympic Day celebrations ©Getty Images
Two-time Olympic medallist Rohullah Nikpai took part in the Olympic Day celebrations ©Getty Images

They arranged to hold Olympic Day celebrations in cooperation with the country’s physical education and sports authority.

Taekwondo player Rohullah Nikpai carried the national flag on a horse during one of the events arranged.

He won Afghanistan's first ever Olympic medal with bronze at Beijing 2008 and replicated this with another third place finish at London 2012.

Olympic Day is held annually on June 23 to commemorate the birth of the modern Olympic Games in 1894.

It is aimed at encouraging fitness, well-being, culture and education, along with promoting the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect.