September 3 - Austria's Olympic Committee (ÖOC) has filed an official complaint to prosecutors over former General Secretary Heinz Jungwirth for alleged misuse of funds during Salzburg's failed bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

It was claimed the ÖOC had wasted money on consultants’ fees during Salzburg’s unsuccessful bid when they were beaten by Sochi despite being the favourites.

ÖOC President Leo Wallner that revealed some members of its Executive Committee are so angry with Jungwirth that they are planning to file personal complaints against him.

Wallner, 73, claimed he had been unaware of any misuse of funds and said he felt he had misplaced his trust in Jungwirth.

It is claimed that Wallner neglected to properly supervise the situation, in which lobbyist Erwin Roth was paid more than 1 million euros (£874,000).

The Salzburg Public Prosecutor's office has already been investigating Jungwirth, Roth and three others, since mid-February, it has been revealed.

Jungwirth resigned as General Secretary of the ÖOC after more than 26 years in charge in February amid claims of financial irregularities in the Austrian meda.

A Prosecution spokesman said it was unclear when a decision on whether to charge the individuals would be made.

In a television interview in Vienna, Wallner spoke of "gross deceptions" that needed clearing up by prosecutors.

While Wallner declined to provide specific figures in the interview, Austrian media have highlighted a supposed 1.2-million-euro (£1 million) payment to Roth.

Wallner has said he was aware that Roth, a successful publisher with an extensive background in the Olympic Movement,  was working for the bid but that he did not know of the large sum he was paid.

Roth (pictured), in an interview with Die Presse newspaper, acknowledged that his company received 90,000 euros (£78,695) per month for a total of 13 months for working on the bid.

However, he stressed that he did not receive it as a salary and that he only used it for legitimate purposes.

In an Austrian radio interview broadcast yesterday, Jungwirth stressed his innocence.

He also justified the payments to Roth.

He said: "It is absolutely unfair to say today that a lobbyist received more than a million euros - that is nonsensical because he did not get it as remuneration."

Jungwirth claimed that Roth had up to 12 people working for him on the bid.

Roth told Die Presse that he had "sub-firms" and employed six people in Croatia specifically for the Salzburg bid.

He added that he has provided all the related paperwork to Salzburg Prosecutors.

Austria's Sports Minister Norbert Darabos has claimed that it is time for a "generation change" at the head of the Vienna-based committee.

Salzburg Social Democratic (SPÖ) Mayor Heinz Schaden, meanwhile, demanded that everyone responsible for misuse of ÖOC funds be held accountable.

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