Natalie du Toit has claimed the SASCOC Board were split into two factions ©Getty Images

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee's (SASCOC) Board was split into two factions, a Ministerial Committees Inquiry has been told.

The probe, established by South Africa's Sports Minister Thembelani Nxesi in August following a period of turmoil at SASCOC, has been ongoing this week.

It is being led by Judge Ralph Zulman with the support of Ali Bacher and Shamina Gaibie.

Having halted for a week to assess initial submissions, the inquiry has resumed with several SASCOC officials giving evidence.

Natalie du Toit, head of the SASCOC Athletes' Commission, claimed that differences of opinion are unlikely to be resolved.

It is believed that the split is between SASCOC President Gideon Sam and former chief executive Tubby Reddy.

Du Toit suggested there were times when Sam was viewed as having not shared information with other members of the board.

"There was a lot of fighting in our board meetings, and as an athlete you're not expecting that," the swimmer said, according to The Citizen.

"A lot has happened with the board and I'm not sure whether we will be able to fix it between us in terms of personalities and politics.

"In terms of coming right ourselves or being dissolved, it's probably going to require a bit of both, but we need help to decide which approach would be best."

The 13-time Paralympic champion's views were reflected by Merrill King, who suggested the blame may lie with former chief executive Reddy.

Reddy was one of three officials fired in January by SASCOC, following a lengthy disciplinary process.

King suggested that Reddy, along with chief financial officer Vinesh Maharaj and manager Jean Kelly, had tried to run sport in the country as his own "little kingdom".

"I believe the truth has to come out and somebody cannot just run the sport in this country as if it's his own little kingdom," King said, according to Times Live.

"For so many years we've tried to have a voice against what's going on and things just get swept under the carpet or fobbed off or people are factionalised or your voice is just marginalised."

Former SASCOC chief executive Tubby Reddy has been accused of trying to run sport like his own
Former SASCOC chief executive Tubby Reddy has been accused of trying to run sport like his own "little kingdom" ©Getty Images

King was one of seven officials to vote in favour of the dismissals of Reddy, Kelly and Maharaj.

She was joined by SASOC President Sam, as well as board members Barry Hendricks, Jerry Segwaba, Debbie Alexander, Lwandile Simeland and Kobus Marais.

Fellow SASOC members Mark Alexander and Khaya Mejeke, President of South Africa Rugby and Bodybuilding South Africa respectively,reportedly voted against the dismissals.

South Africa Table Tennis vice-president Hajera Kajee, Korfball South Africa's Les Williams and du Toit are all said to have abstained from the vote.

Du Toit claims she was wrongly listed as an abstention, however, having emailed asking a question about the process.

The trio were sacked following a formal investigation which was established to investigate four allegations, including the "sudden changes to SASCOC's security service" and the "alleged involvement of staff in irregular governance activities".

"Awareness of the so-called 'SS Griffin' Report on the alleged bugging/tapping of phones and office communication" was another allegation.

A claim of sexual harassment against Reddy was also made by Desiree Vardhan, which he was found guilty of by the investigation.

Reddy was claimed to have sent an "erotic calendar via email" as well as asking Vardhan to "identify her birthday position" and "repeatedly asking for neck and shoulder massages during working hours".

Ntambi Ravele, a former head of netball and boxing in the country, claimed some officials on the board failed in their duties.

She reportedly highlighted that neither International Olympic Committee member Sam Ramsamy or Anant Singh responded in time to express an opinion on the case.

Ravele was also claimed to have expressed concern that Kajee, chairperson of the SASCOC Commission on Women, had abstained from the vote.