altSeptember 27 - South Korea's boxers will be allowed to compete at the Asian Games in in Guangzhou in November after world governing body, AIBA, lifted sanctions on the country's national governing body.

In a letter sent to the Korea Olympic Committee (KOC) last week, the AIBA said that the Korea Amateur Boxing Federation (KABF), a member of the KOC, had been provisionally stripped of its membership because they had not complied with its order to name a new President to replace Yoo Jae-joon.

The sanctions could have prevented South Korean boxers from competing in the Asian Games because the entries have to be submitted to its organizing committee by the end of this month.

"The AIBA informed us that it has decided to lift the suspension given to South Korean boxers and allow them to participate in international competitions," the KOC said.

"The AIBA also said that the KABF will be reinstated after its new chairman and leadership is elected on September 30."

In a bid to resolve the row, the KOC took control of the KABF and set a date for the election of a new President.

The feud between the international body and Yoo dates back to the election of AIBA President  in November 2006.

Yoo supported Anwar Chowdhry, an opponent to the eventual winner, C K Wu.

Shortly after Yoo was elected as KABF chief in January last year, the AIBA suspended him for 18 months for sending an unauthorised team doctor to an international event.

AIBA has said Yoo also "manipulatively and intentionally" disrupted AIBA's competition procedures and investigations and also bribed members for votes during elections.

Yoo resigned from the post earlier this month amid a dispute over his qualifications.

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