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Mixed pairs was officially recognised by the IFBB as a sport discipline in 1983.

In 2013, however, the IFBB cancelled women’s bodybuilding, so now the mixed pairs category is open for women participating in female physique, female fitness or female body fitness performing with a male bodybuilder or male classic bodybuilder.

Men from mixed pairs perform mandatory poses in the same way as in bodybuilding. Women perform these poses in the same style as in women’s physique. 

Male competitors wear the same attire as in bodybuilding, while women follow the same dress code as in women’s physique.

Mixed pairs competition consists of three rounds: Round one - the semi-finals - is the comparisons. Round two is mandatory poses and round three is the posing routine in the finals.

The overall physique of both partners in terms of the degree of proportion, symmetry, muscle size and quality, including density and separation, as well as skin tone, is judged.

The couple will also be judged as a unit with particular attention being given to how well their individual physiques complement each other and how well they move in unison.

In the routine round, judges pay particular attention to how well each couple display their physiques to music. Judges are looking for smooth, artistic, and well-choreographed routines which may include any number of poses, although a mandatory set of poses must be included. 

The couple must also include intermittent pauses during their routine to display the muscular development of their physique.