The Ugandan Rowing Federation has been awarded a cash grant ©URF/Facebook

The Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) has welcomed a cash grant to support rowing in the African nation.

A donation of $57,000 (£43,000/€48,000) has been secured through the International Olympic Committee's Olympic Solidarity Scheme and will be paid to the Uganda Rowing Federation (URF).

Earlier this year, a two-year development project began to boost rowing in Uganda.

"At the end of this project we want to see rowing vibrant in the country with sustainable structures that will give results," said UOC vice president Ambrose Tashobya to New Vision.

URF President Hamza Kahwa said he was confident the sport would grow throughout the country, and not just in capital city Kampala.

It is hoped that the sport will spread across the country ©URF/Facebook
It is hoped that the sport will spread across the country ©URF/Facebook

"We are committed to developing the sport," he said.

"Rowing is an expensive sport but such support from the international body will help us spread it further outside Kampala."

The project in Uganda is being backed by the International Rowing Federation (FISA).

"We are excited to see that Uganda sells itself on the world map and we are here to offer our expertise in development of the sport," said FISA official Sarah McQuade.