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A series of IFBB international events with participation located for regions or continents. 

Each event is open to an unlimited number of athletes, so a wider group of competitors, and not only top stars, are able to compete. 

This includes almost all IFBB women’s and men’s divisions. 

Most of the events are IFBB Elite World Ranking qualifiers. 

The 2019 IFBB calendar of international events includes:

Diamond Cup Malta - Malta, April 19 to 20

Diamond Cup Serbia - Čačak, April 26 to 28

Diamond Cup Lisboa - Lisbon, Portugal, May 10 to 12

Diamond Cup Hungary - Hungary, May 17 to 19

Diamond Cup Madrid - Madrid, Spain, May 24 to 26

Diamond Cup Ostrava - Ostrava, Czech Republic, June 8 to 10

Diamond Cup Montreal - Montreal, Canada, June 9

Diamond Cup Luxembourg - Mondorf-les-Bains, June 14 to 15.

Diamond Cup Saint Martin - Saint Martin, July 26 to 28

Diamond Cup Macedonia - Skopje, October 11 to 14

Diamond Cup Rome - Rome, Italy, November 1 to 3

Diamond Cup Mumbai - Mumbai, India, November 15 to 18