December 1 - Archery has decided to launch a new plan aimed at making it more spectacular and appeal more to the public during the build-up to London 2012.


 The leaders of the International Archery Federation (FITA) have made a decision to move ahead with the launch of a new brand – "World Archery".
It is aimed at unifying all of the activities, events, and members of FITA under one brand name that will be centrally promoted by FITA and its Continental Associations.


Represented by, what FITA claim is, a new and dynamic logo, the World Archery brand will be launched during the outdoor season.
The development of the new brand is the outcome of the Archery World Plan.


One of the first tasks of the Archery World Plan was to develop a clear understanding of the values and image of international archery.


From this, the new brand World Archery was developed with the strategic cooperation of TSE Consulting, and the design by former Saatchi and Saatchi designer Nick Darke.
FITA President Ugur Erdener said: "The World Archery brand is one of the first of many new developments that will be seen to come out of the archery community in the next few years.


"The development of the new brand demonstrates our drive and thirst for development.


"We have taken a lead in focusing on our sports brand to ensure it remains competitive in today’s market."


The new strategy includes hosting major events in iconic places.


The Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens staged the sport during the 2004 Olympics while other recent events have taken place at the Mayapan pyramids in Mexico and the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai.


Following this policy, the FITA ruling Council has awarded the World Championships 2011 to Turin, who beat a bid from Paris.


They have proposed two venues, the Venaria Royal Palace & Gardens and the Piazza Castallo, which was the medal plaza during the 2006 Winter Olympics.
The Field World Championships 2010 has been awarded to the Castle of Visegrad in Hungary.


The sport is due to be held at Lord's, the spiritual home of cricket, during the 2012 London Olympics.