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4 years ago
Liam Morgan
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Liam Morgan

Russia Sports Ministry again denies state-sponsored doping claims

Unsurprising news to bring you now and the Russian Sports Ministry have issued a news release following today's press conference.

In it, they vow to thoroughly examine the information presented in the report and claim they are eager to co-operate with the anti-doping world.

But here comes the line we all expected. "Russia’s Sports Ministry says with all responsibility that there is no state-run program promoting doping in sport," it reads.

They have, however, called for an investigation to be made into the findings of the report.

"Russia’s relevant authorities are investigating all of the circumstances listed in the first part of McLaren’s report, and the Sports Ministry will advise those authorities to carry out a similarly thorough investigation of what has been said in the second part," the statement adds.

Honorary IOC member Vitaly Smirnov, who is leading a Commission which is overseeing the reinstatement attempts of RUSADA, added: "Personally, I am convinced there is no system of manipulations and violations organised or supported by the government, and there cannot be one. 

"It goes against everything that is being done."

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