Skate Canada has launched a page which allows people to donate to the sport ©Skate Canada

Skate Canada has set up a website which allows people in the country to donate money to the sport.

The Skate Canada Fund allows fans to send their money to one of five targeted areas: the Skate For Life Skater Fund, the Skate To Win Athlete Fund, the Coach Fund, the Officials Fund and the Leadership Fund.

It has been described as a "simple way for Canadians to invest in skating across Canada" by the figure skating body.

“We are so excited to launch the Skate Canada Fund," said Skate Canada chief executive director Dan Thompson.

"Canadians love skating and now they have a way to help continue the growth of skating in Canada."

The money raised will help skating at all levels in Canada
The money raised will help skating at all levels in Canada ©Getty Images

Thompson added: "The ability to be able to direct your donation to one of our five key pillars will allow donors to have a direct impact on the sport.

“Supporting the Skate Canada Fund is an investment in skating’s future and with help from our partners and everyday Canadians the Skate Canada Fund can ensure the success of Canadian skating for years to come.”

More information on the Skate Canada Fund can be found here.