Georges  Guelzec

Our General Director, Kirsi Erofejeff-Engman, has recently met the organisers of the 32nd European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Holon, Israel. 

I am pleased with her report. It does not only show the excellent preparation level of the Local Committee but also the enthusiasm this event sparks off.

As a matter of fact, this is the first time since the Gymnastics Federation of Israel has been admitted as a member Federation by the European Union of Gymnastics (UEG) in 1989 that this country hosts such an important event.

We are all pleased and can assure them of our logistical support to complete this task successfully.

I have another object of satisfaction to share with you at the beginning of this Olympic year: event participation!

As a matter of fact, the number of participants in the ECh Trampoline in Valladolid, Spain, as well as in the Golden Age in Portoroz, Slovenia, exceeds the most optimistic forecasts.

For me, this is a double sign, underlining that the disciplines develop and that their format corresponds to the expectations of the participants.

Georges Guelzec believes that gymnastics has to stay alert to the scandals which are rocking world sport
Georges Guelzec believes that gymnastics has to stay alert to the scandals which are rocking world sport

I am convinced that it will be the same for all UEG events on the 2016 calendar.

A short while ago, I spoke to the members of our Executive Committee in Lausanne, drawing their attention to the recent excesses we witnessed in sport.

Doping, cheating and corruption have deeply affected the working of Federations, and not the least important. This phenomena deserves that we give it our highest vigilance.

We have to stay alert and remember that such excesses are only the exterior sign of the ignorance of the culprits.

We must, within the different positions and responsibilities we assume within our Federations, assure us daily of the good running of our sport and its values.

I invite you to be numerous to come to our Europeans in Artistic Gymnastics in May in Bern, Switzerland, and the linked events, such as the communication seminar and our meeting about the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) elections to be held in October.

These dates are important, strategic, and will have an impact on our future.

For the time being, my thoughts are with our gymnasts who are qualified, or are trying to qualify for Rio.

I know the doubts, the difficult moments they endure in the training halls.

I address them my friendship and support. Such souvenirs, often difficult, are still present in my mind.

Therefore they also have my admiration.