By Michael Pavitt

Gwangju's Organising Committee held a parade to mark the 150 days to go milestone ©Gwangju 2015Gwangju 2015 have held a parade with local residents as the countdown reaches the 150 days to go milestone until the Summer Universiade begins in the South Korean city.

It was the latest event that South Korean officials have staged in order to promote the competition and ensure that the local population are fully engaged, as the days continue to tick down until athletes begin arriving and the sporting action gets underway.

The parade began with a mix of a modern trend and traditional Korean culture, as students from the Gwangju Songwon Elementary school took part in a flash mob event and a samul nori performance, a genre of traditional percussion music.

Students were at the heart of the parade, which started at the Chungjang post office, as they led the parade playing the samul nori music, to be followed by Gwangju 2015, volunteers and residents in pursuit.

"Today's parade will not be the last event to promote the 2015 Gwangju Univesiade," said Song Seung-jong, the public relations director for the Games. 

"As Gwangju 2015 is preparing more fun events for everyone, I hope we can keep the excitement going until the Universiade in July."

The parade was the latest event to promote the Universiade amongst local residents ©Gwangju 2015The parade was the latest event to promote the Universiade amongst local residents ©Gwangju 2015

While Gwangju 2015 are committed to getting the public to engage in the Universiade they also took the opportunity of the 150 days to go mark to reiterate their desire for the event to be efficient and not cost the city's taxpayers any money. 

"We are committed to hosting an outstanding event without burdening the tax payers," said Kim Yoon-suk, secretary general of Gwangju 2015. 

"Moreover, we are confident that the 2015 Universiade will pave the way for Gwangju to become a world-class city."

Gwangju is expecting to welcome around 20,000 participants from 170 countries to compete in twelve days of competition from July 3 to 14 and will see the athletes competing in 21 different sports.