By Nick Butler at the Apex Temple Court Hotel in London

Rio 2016 have insisted that their anti doping laboratory will be open well before the end of 2015 ©Getty ImagesStrong progress has taken place regarding construction of the Anti Doping Laboratory in Rio de Janeiro, with the facility to be fully operational well before the end of 2015, a Rio 2016 official has insisted here today.

Preparations at the Laboratory have been a major concern for Games organisers in recent months ever since the World Anti Doping Agency revoked the accreditation of the laboratory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), also known as LADETEC, in 2013.

Such were the problems that anti-doping at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil last summer was carried out almost 6,000 miles away in Lausanne, a possibility that would be simply impossible for an event on the scale of the Olympic Games.

But Rio 2016 Director of Communications Mario Andrada has insisted that they are in the final stages of building a new facility in the same venue, and that the process to restore accreditation will take place soon, and certainly before the end of the year. 

"Our laboratory is moving fast," he said.

"We have ways to regain accreditation from WADA and we are at the moment when we need to finish it.

"The main structure of the building is finished, we have people working in some floors and we are in the final stretch.

"We are on track to do it.

"There's not a second to lose, but the positive thing is that WADA and all of the other authorities are on board.

"They follow it on a daily basis and I haven't heard any other discussions about Plan B in the last three months - we are going after Plan A."

WADA President Sir Craig Reedie has admitted it will be difficult for the Rio doping laboratory to be as effective as the one at London 2012 ©AFP/Getty ImagesWADA President Sir Craig Reedie has admitted it will be difficult for the Rio doping laboratory to be as effective as the one at London 2012 ©AFP/Getty Images

This comes at a time when doping is a particularly topical issue following the emergence of fresh batch of doping allegations last month in a series of German TV documentaries.

This included the allegation of systematic doping within the Russian athletics team, suspicions hardly helped by today's news that three former Olympic champions are among five Russian race walkers handed bans by the nation's anti doping agency. 

But Andrada does not think doping suspicions will leave a dark cloud hanging over the Games, insisting it will not be an issue more in the fore than at other recent editions.

"I think the doping issue is an ongoing issue and the authorities will be stronger and stronger," he said.

"But I don't think it will be different from any other Games."

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