By Daniel Etchells

CPISRA is forming a Wheelchair Slalom Committee ©CPISRAThe Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA) Executive Committee has begun the selection process to form a Wheelchair Slalom Committee after asking its members to nominate candidates. 

Wheelchair slalom is one of CPISRA's newest sports, which involves competitors navigating their way through a course consisting of numerous obstacles and challenges in the quickest time possible.

A specially appointed ad-hoc committee will compile a shortlist for interviews after reviewing all nominations. 

The Wheelchair Slalom Committee will establish a draft development plan for consideration and implementation by the CPISRA Executive Committee.

Wheelchair slalom racing featured at the Tokyo 1964 Paralympic Games ©Getty ImagesWheelchair slalom racing featured at the Tokyo 1964 Paralympic Games ©Getty Images

The Committee members will be responsible for "the strategic planning of CPISRA wheelchair slalom, establishing best practice, while maintaining the ethos and values of CPISRA".

They will be chaired by CPISRA President Koos Engelbrecht until the Executive Committee appoints a Committee chair.

Wheelchair slalom was added to the programme of the Stoke Mandeville Games in 1963 and featured as part of the Paralympics from Tokyo 1964 to Seoul 1988.

The sport is still used at various disability sports events across the globe, even though it is no longer part of the Paralympic programme.  

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