By Duncan Mackay

The Maldives Olympic Committee has celebrated Olympic Day ©Maldives Olympic CommitteeOlympic Day was celebrated in the Maldive today with a series of activities, including a fun run.

The event took place at 6.30am on Dhuvaafaru, one of the inhabited islands that make up the double chain of 26 atolls which form the country in the Indian Ocean–Arabian Sea area.

Dhuvaafaru was one of the areas worst hit by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and it took nearly four years to resettle the island. 

The Olympic Day rogramme was inaugurated by the President of Dhuvaafaru Council Ibrahim Shukuree at an Opening Ceremony.

It was followed by a short speech from Dr. Hussain Haleem, former vice-president of the Maldives Olympic Committee.

After the speech, the run took place, with a total of 140 students taking part.

Studets took part in an Olympic Day organised by the Maldives Olympic Committee ©Maldives Olympic CommitteeStudets took part in an Olympic Day organised by the Maldives Olympic Committee ©Maldives Olympic Committee

Afterwards, a presentation on Olympic values and Olympism was given by Hussain.

A series of other activities then took, including badminton, football and table tennis tournaments. 

Olympic Day is traditionally held in June throughout the world to celebrate Baron Pierre de Coubertin founding the International Olympic Committee on June 23. 

But some countries hold their events at different times of the year.

The Maldives Olympic Committee was established in 1985 and the country made its debut in the Games at Seoul 1988.

They have competed at every Summer Olympics since, although they have never won a medal. 

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