By Gary Anderson

The World Curling Federation has been given a financial boost from US charity Foundation for Global Sports Development ©Getty ImagesThe World Curling Federation (WCF) has received a significant financial boost of $73,000 (£44,000/€55,000) from the Foundation for Global Sports Development to support two special programmes.

The funding is made up of $50,000 (£30,000/€37,000) for the WCF's Olympic Celebration Tour for 12 months and $23,000 (£14,000/€17,000) for its Sports Media Trainee Programme.

A total of seven Olympic Celebration Tour stops are planned over the coming year.

On each stop, an Olympic athlete and at least one qualified WCF instructor will visit a WCF member association over the course of a weekend to conduct a series of introductory clinics.

These clinics, along with a "meet and greet" session, aim to give new and experienced curlers the opportunity to curl with and learn from an Olympian.

The Sports Media Trainee Programme, first launched in 2012, gives individuals the opportunity to gain practical experience at World Curling Championship events.

It is designed to give aspiring young sports journalists, photographers and television production students from around the world with vital knowledge and experience which will help them progress prospective careers within the media industry.

This year's programme will be launched next month giving one trainee journalist, one trainee photographer and one television production assistant a chance to attend the Le Gruyère European Curling Championships, being held in Champery, Switzerland, in November.

Following that, trainees will also be selected next January for the 2015 World Junior Championships taking place in Tallinn, Estonia in February and March, and the Women's World Championships in Sapporo, Japan, next March.

Specially selected trainees will have the opportunity to work at the Women's Curling World Championships in Japan next March ©AFP/Getty ImagesSpecially selected trainees will have the opportunity to work at the Women's Curling World Championships in Japan next March ©AFP/Getty Images

"We are truly grateful to the Foundation for Global Sports Development for this generous contribution to our sport," said WCF President Kate Caithness.

"Both of these programmes have proven extremely popular, benefiting hundreds of people around the world, both on and off the ice.

"The Olympic Celebration Tour is an integral part of the WCF's development plans and this latest donation will give more people the opportunity to curl and learn with an Olympian.

"Meanwhile, the Sports Media Trainee Programme gives students a platform to build a successful career, and with it we hope to inspire and engage many more students and media organisations with our great sport."

The United States charity, based in Los Angeles, California, the Foundation for Global Sports Development, aims to promote sportsmanship, education, fair play and ethics among the world's youth.

The Foundation says it gives special emphasis to groups and communities that are most in need or most underserved by current programmes, including women, minorities and youth in areas where the risk of delinquency is particularly high.

"We are honoured to continue supporting the Olympic Celebration Tour, while also extending support to the World Curling Federation's education and career Sports Media Trainee Programme," said Foundation for Global Sports Development Executive Board member Dr Steven Ungerleider.

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