By Paul Osborne

The Brazilian Olympic Committee has celebrated its 100 year anniversary ©COBAmid the flurry of excitement for Thursday's FIFA World Cup opener and ongoing preparations for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) celebrated its 100th anniversary on Sunday, in what is a truly historic period for Brazilian sport.

In celebration of the remarkable event, a commemorative stamp was released during a special launch ceremony at the COB auditorium in Rio de Janeiro.

In attendance at this celebratory event was COB President Carlos Arthur Nuzman alongside his vice-president Gustavo André Richer, International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Bernard Rajzman; and vice-president of logistics for the Post Office, José Furian Filho.

"The Post Office and COB manifest the honour of registering the centenary of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, inserting it in the memory of Brazil and [the] world, in the certainty that the next 100 years will be followed by many achievements and glories Philately," Nuzman said during the ceremony.

The stamp carries a commemorative mark symbolising the 100th anniversary of the COB.

Alongside the traditional symbols of the COB brand, the stamp also consists of a gradient in shades of blue and green.

Below the symbolic Olympic rings, the stamp also features a subtitle reading "Centenary of the Brazilian Olympic Committee - 1914-2014".

A commemorative stamp was released to mark the 100 years of history of the Brazilian Olympic Committee ©COBA commemorative stamp was released to mark the 100 years of history of the Brazilian Olympic Committee ©COB

"This seal crowns the trajectory of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and records, for future generations, the year of its centenary," said Filho, vice-president of logistics for the Post Office, a leading company in the logistics sector in Brazil.

"Today the thrill is the COB and all those who made and make the Brazilian Olympic history.

"It is also the Post Office, corporate sponsor of Olympic sports, like tennis, handball, swimming, marathon swimming, the diving, synchronized swimming and water polo," 

"The presence of the Post Office in the sports field is marked by a commitment to contribute to the improvement and achievements of our athletes."

The COB was the first National Olympic Committee in South America following its formation on June 8, 1914.

The establishment of the organisation came after Raul Paranhos of Rio Branco received an invitation from Pierre de Coubertin to join the IOC, marking the first Brazilian to become a member of the governing body for the Olympic Movement.

Following the invitation, a public campaign to create a National Olympic Committee in Brazil started, resulted in the formation of the Committee on June 8, 1014.

Brazil then participated in its first Olympic Games in 1920 in Antwerp, Belgium, with the team winning three medals in shooting, including gold in the 30 metre military pistol event won by Guilherme Paraense.

Brazil has competed in every summer Olympic Games since then, except the 1928 Games in Amsterdam.

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