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Foreign athletes and coaches who are unregistered must leave by February 3 ©AFP/Getty ImagesJanuary 29 - Foreign athletics coaches and physiotherapists not registered by the country's national governing body have been told they have five more days to leave Kenya after claims they are fuelling doping and illegal changes of nationality.

The ultimatum has been announced by Athletics Kenya chairman Isaiah Kiplagat and follows a year in which 17 Kenyans have been caught for doping at local and international Championships - triple the combined total for the previous decade. 

The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) have publicly criticised Kenyan authorities and a task force has since been set-up to look into the allegations of further problems alongside plans to build a new blood-testing centre in Nairobi.

But Kiplagat has accused foreign "bogus" coaches as the culprits behind the spate of doping cases because they are keen to use any means to have their athletes win without caring about their own reputation, he claimed.

Athletics Kenya will now team up with the Kenyan Police and the immigration department to ensure their removal.

Isaiah Kiplagat announced the ultamatum earlier this week ©AFP/Getty ImagesIsaiah Kiplagat announced the ultimatum earlier this week ©AFP/Getty Images

"Kenya is under the spotlight by WADA over the influx of athletes taking banned substances and these coaches and physiotherapists, who want quick returns, are behind all this", Kiplagat said.

"These bogus coaches target unknown athletes, the very ones who have been caught for doping. this is because elite athletes know the punishment.

"But upstarts are working hard to make a name and these coaches are exploiting them to go through a short-cut - we will deal with them.

"They came in on tourist visas, some as journalists and photographers - but they are now engaging in coaching and being athletes' managers contrary to their entry permits.

"They disregard the law and renewed their tourists' permit without the Government detecting it.

"In other countries, you cannot operate contrary to the specification of your permit and I wonder why Kenyan laws are being ignored. 

"We are asking the Government to act fast and react with speed to such violations."

Kiplogat also revealed all foreign athletes who want to train in the country must be registered - while he also blamed foreign coaches for the large number of Kenyan athletes switching nationality to represent other countries over recent years.  

Saif Saeed Shaheen is perhaps the best known example of an athlete switching nationality away from Kenya...he won the 2003 3,000m steeplechase world title after switching from Kenya to Qatar ©Bongarts/Getty ImagesSaif Saeed Shaheen is perhaps the best known example of an athlete switching nationality away from Kenya, winning the 2003 3,000m steeplechase world title after declaring for Qatar ©Bongarts/Getty Images

Kiplagat claimed foreigners are keen to recruit younger athletes to change their allegiance and compete for countries - like Russia, Turkey and Bahrain, as well as Qatar - who are keen to improve their competitive fortunes. 

"They are now teaching young boys Russian languages," he said.

"The right procedures should be followed if they want to recruit these young athletes, not going through the back door snooping on us.

"They must follow the rules as stipulated by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)." 

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