By David Owen

Jacques Rogge's residence expenses amounted to $751,000 in 2012September 25 - The annual cost of an International Olympic Committee (IOC) President has shot through the $700,000 (£440,000/€520,000) barrier.

As a new President, Thomas Bach, starts to settle into the rhythm of life in Lausanne, he may be interested to learn that the cost of his predecessor Jacques Rogge's residence expenses amounted to $751,000 (£470,000/€560,000) in 2011 and $709,000 (£440,000/€530,000) in 2012.

That 2011 figure appears, at first glance, to represent a steep - 25 per cent-plus - increase over the $597,000 (£370,000/€430,000) total for 2010.

This is largely, though, the result of currency fluctuations - the IOC's accounting currency, these days, is the United States dollar; yet, since he lives in Lausanne's Palace Hotel, the President's residence expenses are incurred in Swiss Francs.

When converted back into the Swiss currency, the annual rate of increase between 2010 and 2011 works out at closer to 7 per cent.

Apart from these expenses, which cover room rent, living costs, residence taxes and insurance - and add up to not far off $2,000 (£1,250/€1,500) a day - the IOC Presidency is an unremunerated position.

Rogge indicated earlier this year that he thought his successor should be paid a salary.

Bach, however, like Rogge, is to be a full-time unpaid volunteer.

The latest figures appear in the recently-published IOC final report.

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